Mountain Man

Last year, a friend came to me with a story to tell. Over the course of four hour-long interviews, she told me one of the wildest stories I’d ever heard. Her brother grew apart from the family in his later years when he started to live in rural West Virginia. He started to abuse drugs and alcohol, and as it worsened the family knew he wouldn’t live long. What they couldn’t predict was how after he passed, a rush for the assets of his estate would begin. What followed was three years of court cases and drama to uncover wills and prove forgeries.



More About The Film

In addition to the interviews, we filmed a couple days out in West Virginia. It’s a beautiful area which I think we were able to capture well enough in our limited filming schedule. Combining that footage with old photos and some interviews, I helped her create a 30 minute short documentary about her brother and the trials she went through after his passing.


The film is currently available to stream during the Berlin Lift-Off Film Festival Online 2019.